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Install proftp server in debian

Install proftp server in debian

#apt-get install proftpd

This will start the installation this time it will ask one question you want to run proftp server from inetd or standalone here select standalone and press enter after this installation will be completed.

Configuring Proftp Server

By default proftp configuration file is located under /etc i.e /etc/proftpd.conf

If you want to check the default proftpd.conf file check here

We are going to change the basic configuration for proftp server this includes security configuration also.

Now you need to edit the /etc/proftpd.conf file using vi or any other editor and you need to change the following Directives or add the following directives for proftp server configuration these are only some of basic directives if you want to know available directives check here

ServerName -- Configure the name displayed to connecting users

ServerName “proftp server”

ServerIdent -- Set the message displayed on connect

ServerIdent on “Welcome to proftp server”

UseReverseDNS -- Toggle rDNS lookups

UseReverseDNS off

IdentLookups -- Toggle ident lookups

IdentLookups off

DefaultRoot -- Sets default chroot directory

DefaultRoot ~

MaxClients -- Limits the number of users that can connect

Maxclients 30

MaxClientsPerHost -- Limits the connections per client machine

MaxClientsPerHost 50

After adding these directives you need to restart your proftpd server to take these changes effect.

#/etc/init.d/proftpd restart

If you want to know about the proftpd server security configuration check here

If you want some examples of proftpd configuration check here

Proftp Client Installation

If you want to use commnd line ftp client in debian you need to install the ftp package using the following command

#apt-get install ftp

By default users can FTP in to their own home directories only

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